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ATopSoft Puzzle game

 ATopSoft puzzle is a 7 in 1 logical puzzle game. It includes seven different kind of exciting and attractive games. You can use any pictures to create your own games. The seven games are slide puzzle, swap puzzle, rotation puzzle, reverse puzzle, memory card, fill blank and link five. All games are addictive, challenging, no time pressure, no violence and fun for all ages! This is the best game to pass your leisure-time Key features: 7 games in 1. All are fun and addictive. Play with your favorite pictures. Create and play your own game with your lover's, children's or yourself's photo. Cool! Intuitive interface. Easy to play. You can easily master these great games in no more than 1 minute. Customize the board size(from 3 X 3 to 30 X 30), the difficult level, and the pictures. Support JPEG, bitmap, and icon format pictures. Save or Open games. Boss coming key. One key to hide the game. High performance. Less hard disk hit. High score list. Individual high score list for each kind of board size and difficult level. Games Description Slide puzzle: One of the most traditional and popular puzzle game. Do you know 15 puzzle? Swap puzzle: Easy to solve, difficult to stop playing. Rotation puzzle: One of the most challenging logic puzzle games you'll ever play!. Take an IQ challenge now!. Reverse puzzle: This is an innovative and creative game. Very attractive! Enjoy it! Memory card: Good memory is very important for every one, include you and me. Take a memory exercise now!. Fill blank: Very addictive, very hard to quit playing. Link five: Also known as 'five in a row'. One of the most popular puzzle game in the world...

Styx PC

 Styx is a hot new arcade-puzzle game with a new super-easy gameplay mechanic and non stop arcade puzzle action. The goal of the game is to try and make the longest paths of gems, fruits and other items for big scores!..

Styx Mac

 Styx is a hot new arcade-puzzle game with a new super-easy gameplay mechanic and non stop arcade puzzle action. The goal of the game is to try and make the longest paths of gems, fruits and other items for big scores!..


 Swiibee is a collection of 30 addictive match 3 games with focus on chain and combo like domino effect. Swiibee features a game board filled with cute cartoon characters face and sound. Control is very simple, intuitive and easy to learn in seconds...


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Ultimate Mega Hoops

 Play this fast paced carnival basketball title, that gets more addictive with each shot you make!! Game is fun addictive and absolutely FREE!..

Snood 1.2Arcade by Games - Software Free Download

  Snood is a fun and addictive puzzle game that will challenge your intellect rather than your reflexes. Your goal is to free all of the trapped Snoods by launching other Snoods at them. Connect three or more Snoods, and they will fly away to safety. Unique graphics and compelling, addictive gameplay will keep you in Snoods for ..

BlockOut Software

 A delightfully addictive, fast-paced puzzle game for the whole family. Placed firmly in the boundary between puzzle and collapse games, BlockOut may very well be the next Tetris. Addictive game play, superb graphics, escalating difficulty and bonuses make this game a new..


Genius Move

 An amusing and addictive puzzle game that will seriously tax your wits! Simple to play and uniquely challenging this is a game that everyone will enjoy. With addictive gameplay cute appealing graphics and delightful music and sound effects Genius Move will have you burning the midnight oil. Completing this game will definitely prove you are a genius!..

Meteor Software

 An addictive breakout action game You just have to try this game.Meteor is a modern awesome Breakout remake. Features addictive game-play, moving bricks, attacking spaceships, dynamic power ups, several types of balls and weapons, cool space enviroments, 90 levels total.....


 A completely new game! No, really! Not just an old game with a different name and better graphics and enough little changes to evade copyright, but a whole new game concept. It's not Tetris. It's not Columns. It's not Puzzle Bobble. It's... Drippy! It's a simple enough concept. Catch colored drips in your beaker and sort them into big gooey blobs. Drop stars into each blob - two stars and the blob explodes. The bigger the blob, the more points you get for blowing it up. Simple. Addictive. You'll soon be using Drippy-player catch-phrases like "Orange! What do you mean, orange?" and "No! Not THERE!!" Appears to suck time into some kind of black hole. Remember, we aren't saying this game is addictive out of pure marketing hype. We're saying this because people play this game and tell us "Hey, this game is really addictive". Play with the mouse or keyboard, your choice...

Jungle Balls

 Play with the balls of the jungle in this addictive and thrilling action puzzler. This is Tetris with a huge twist. Forget about stacking blocks, this is all about pure jungle ball frenzy! In Jungle Balls, you must add up the sum of the balls and place the correct amount of balls in a container. It may sound a bit strange, but it is actually very fun and addictive. The sums you must add up are ones, twos and threes, it sounds simple, but in the heat of the game, it is a challenge that is both thrilling and fulfilling!..


 Rhombis - is an original match-3 action puzzle with addictive, easy-to-learn gameplay. The aim of the game is to collect all $-diamonds on the playing field by matching 3 or more like-colored diamonds. Explore 80 challenging, mind-blowing levels with various power-ups and rhomb-blocks in this fascinating game! Full Version Features: *** Unlimited Play *** 80 Challenging Levels *** Beautiful Graphics *** Unique power-ups *** Addictive Gameplay..

PureSim Baseball 2005

 Build and manage your own baseball dynasty with PureSim Baseball 2005. Develop talent over the years, sign free agents, make trades--it's all here. A rich financial model, simulation and in-game managerial engine are featured in this addictive game. The combination of GM play aspects, as well as full control of how your players are used (lineups, rotations, in-game decisions), form an addictive simulation of baseball. You also can download databases that enable you to play out any year in Major League history...

Invasions 1.0Tetris by Crystal Interactive - Software Free Download

  Fight off aliens in this addictive Space Invaders/Galaga clone. Invasion is a Space Invaders/Galaga clone that is as fun and addictive as a classic game with the features of todays modern computers. The game has four levels of game play, 50 waves of alien ships, 10 different aliens armed with different weapons, and accepts input from a mouse, keyboard, joystick or gamepad. It utilizes 24 bit color and high quality music, along with animations and special effects that can only be produced with a 3d graphics ..


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Cave Jumper

 Use your trusty pick axe, ropes and dynamite and go on a glorious hunt for treasure. But beware: spiders, bats, bears, skeletons and nasty falls all stand in your way. Classic old school platform fun that youre bound to fall in love with!..

Jigsaw Fun: Relaxing Scenes Edition

 Jigsaw Fun: Relaxing Scenes Edition is an excellent puzzle game which features 25 different jigsaws ranging from easy up to tough 192 piece jigsaws. There are a wide variety of different scenes from countryside views and rivers to beautiful sunsets and beaches. There are no time limits or pressure within the game so you can sit back, relax and enjoy solving the puzzles. This edition also has a built in CD Player so you can play and control your own music from within the game...

Coin Planets

 Colin the Coin is back in his latest adventure featuring 45 exciting levels of pure platform fun with excellent 3D graphics and animation...

Coin World

 Coin World is a platform game that combines arcade action, excellent 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. Take control of Colin the Coin in his battle to defeat the evil bank note Flash and to retrieve the lost coins...

Baby Boom II

 The babies are back and the action's faster than ever! Original arcade game with excellent fun graphics and amazing game play. Baby Boom II takes us back to the strangest factory you'll ever see! Run the baby production line featuring overheated wacky machines, power-ups, bonus presents and of course, screaming babies! Are you fast enough to handle the Speed Rounds, clever enough for the bonus rounds and have you got what it takes to become the Head Baby Maker? You can also fully customize the game by turning certain features on or off, allowing you to make the game as hard or as easy as you like. Great arcade fun that you're bound to get addicted to!..

Addictive Football

 Addictive Football is similar in style to the great games of yesteryear such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. Play 5- a-side rules on a variety of different pitches with 5 different game modes to choose from. Including Knockout Cups and League style games as well as a Custom Game Mode where you set the team skills yourself. The game also features 10 different teams to play as, 4 different pitch types which affect the ball differently and 1 or 2 player game modes with game pad support included. Theres also lots of options which allow you to edit team names, re- configure controls and set team skills and abilities. Addictive Football is easy to pick up and play but with the vast amount of game options available it will keep you coming back for more...

Addictive Angling

 Addictive Angling is the best game of fishing stimulating. Is it possible to meet a person who didn't feel in his childhood the anxious feeling having caught a fish! Fish is tossing from side to side, keeps pulling to the depth, but finally you get it. Heavy, wide, majestic fish - this is your trophy! This game lets you feel this wonderful feeling without leaving your home. You don't have to know the particulars of the fishing tackle. You can just cast the line and fish! During the fishing process there are lots of surprises for you. Photorealistic graphic, bird singing, beautiful dynamic water and everything you need to enjoy fishing is collected in this game. The game will involve you for long and you won't be able to turn away from it...


 Truly original and hugely addictive arcade puzzle action. Featuring twists, surprises, 2 game styles, 4 game speeds, powerups, an online highscore system & much much more. Choose from either Arcade Mode's fast paced, powerup enhanced gameplay or Classic Modes slower, more strategic but equally challenging puzzling. Double the puzzle, double the addiction, double the fun...


 Your goal is to place all 72 stones on the board. There are 6 symbols and 6 colours, making 36 combinations. Every combination occurs twice so there are 72 stones. The stones are chosen one after one in random order and there are only 96 squares on the board. So, if you couldn't think, don't play this game. But if you try once, youl'll find this game very addictive...

9T Lines

 9T Lines is an adaption of a popular and very addictive puzzle game. Your objective is to create horizontal lines of falling blocks as smart as possible. Finish multiple lines at once for extra points and finally take the leadership of the highsco..

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