20 Best Triple Canopy iOS Apps

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1) Canopy Parking

Canopy Parking triple canopy
Canopy Airport Parking is Green Garage Certified and the affordable choice for premier Denver International Airport parking. Canopy has over 4,200 parking spaces with free airport shuttle services 24/7/365 and offers three parking levels: indoor valet with car care services, covered self-park and open air self-park. The Canopy Airport Parking app is designed to make your experience even easier and more enjoyable. View and follow your reservations, receive exclusive discounts, and know when shuttles are on the way to the terminal (Free)By Never Settle, LLC via

2) Canopy Quest

Canopy Quest triple canopy
Canopy Quest helps healthcare providers learn medical Spanish (and soon, other languages), so they can better communicate with their limited-English speaking patients.Based on real clinical scenarios, you play the role of a doctor performing a medical consultation in Spanish.A series of interactive role-play activities will allow you to practice your listening, reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills. (Free)By Canopy Innovations, Inc via

3) Canopy Radio

Canopy Radio triple canopy
Canopy Radio is the official online radio service of Congress WBN, streaming live on the Internet to our global, borderless communities. The content available on Canopy Radio comes from leaders, musicians, members and various sectors of our Congress and reflects the life, diversity and values behind our global initiatives.- Congress News- Live worship and other music from around Congress WBN- Recorded messages and teaching sessions- Special features and event coverage- Teaching from Congress leadersThe Canopy Radio mobile app gives you access to the live Canopy Radio broadcast. (Free)By ArkiTechs, Inc. via

4) Canopy Creek

Canopy Creek triple canopy
Welcome to Canopy Creek - a great place to call home Canopy Creek makes it easy to live where you like to work and play. The Canopy Creek Resident App allows community members to submit and manage service requests, pay rent online, and receive push notifications from the manager. (Free)By Apartments24-7.com via

5) My Canopy

My Canopy triple canopy
Canopya canopy holds photos.1. create (or join) a canopy2. take/upload photos3. push photos you like to the top of the canopyDetailsCanopy is an app that sources the best content from events of any size. Create a canopy for your party, concert, art show, sporting event, vacation...its up to you. Everyone at the event uploads photos. Social democracy pushes photos to the top. So you wind up with the best content from every event at your fingertips.The full web version of canopy can be found at https://www.canopy.mobi (Free)By Canopy, LLC via

6) Canopy Browser

Canopy Browser triple canopy
This is a web browser application on iOS like Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox. By a nice simple design and fast speed of loading web, you can feel comfortable while using this app. Browser has many features, you can create many tabs and using them without worrying about reload web when switch between tabs. You can check your history to see information of all links that you have requested, and you can remove your history if you want.Let's use browser because it's created for you. (3.990)By Trinh Van Thinh via

7) Canopy Insurance

Canopy Insurance triple canopy
Welcome to Canopy Insurance mobile. Our Mobile application has been developed to help our customers stay in touch. We invite you to download our app and become part of the Canopy family.The Canopy Insurance Mobile app features:- Gain Rewards- View Services- Facebook Integration- Map Us- Submit Referrals- Quick Call Feature (Free)By Referral Reward, LLC via

8) Nexity Canopy

Nexity Canopy triple canopy
6 600 m de bureaux neufs, de caractre au Pr Saint Gervais.Pour voir apparatre le projet en ralit augmente sur votre iPad 2 ou de votre iPhone 4, vous pouvez suivre les tapes suivantes :1. Tlchargez et imprimez le marqueur l`adresse suivante : http://www.artefacto.fr/medias/Nexity_Canopy/Marqueur2_LD.jpg2. Chargez l`application sur votre iPad2 ou votre iPhone4 et visez le marqueur. Vous verrez alors le projet en ralit augmente et laissez vous guider dans lapplication. (Free)By Artefacto SAS via

9) Canopy 11

Canopy 11 triple canopy
This is for people interested in viewing floorplans, finishes, and other information on the Canopy 11 unit development at 9 Blackburn St, Moorooka. (Free)By Frank Camarda via

10) ADT Canopy

ADT Canopy triple canopy
Awareness, security, and peace of mind all in one place. The new unique Canopy app lets you stay in touch with those who mean the most at the push of a button. Whether youre walking alone at night and need some reassurance or to find emergency services near you, the Canopy app allows you to always stay connected to safety. With unique features that allow you to virtually check-in, pinpoint your location, or send a shout-out - those closest to you are never too far.See how Canopy keeps you covered:Stay Safe and SecureWe could all use a little bit of ... (Free)By ADT LLC via

11) Content Canopy

Content Canopy triple canopy
AlephCloud Content Canopy is a service to enable trustworthy sharing of files, complementing your existing cloud provider like Dropbox, Box, and others. By protecting files before sharing them in the cloud, our service ensures only the trusted group you create can access it.The Content Canopy app allows users to safely view shared files on their iPhone or iPad.Features:Instantly view encrypted files shared from laptops by simply logging into the appFiles are automatically available in the group folders across your devicesStrong AES-256 encryption with simple and transparent key managementAccess files shared on different cloud providers in one simple interface (Free)By AlephCloud Systems, Inc. via

12) Canopy Medical Translator

Canopy Medical Translator triple canopy
Communicate quickly with patients using translated medical phrases in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and more. Show phrases with text, and play with audio.When needed, call live medical interpreters from Canopy.Includes 1,500 common medical phrases created by medical professionals, available for 4 specialities:Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and General SurgeryPhrases cover:Greeting and Goodbye, History, Physical Exam, Labs, Radiology, Procedures, Labor and Delivery, Gynecology, Reassessment, and Plan, and more (Free)By Canopy Apps via

13) Canopy Strategic Game

Canopy Strategic Game triple canopy
From dense jungles and rainforests to tranquil-looking meadows and woodlands, there is a constant battle for survival and domination. There are life-forms competing for essential resources: energy from the sun and chemical building blocks from the earth that will let them expand and take over the land.What are we talking about? Sci-fi soldiers? Mutant viruses? Terra-forming aliens?Actually theyre a lot closer to home and a lot more familiar the plants and trees that cover our Earth. Enter their world of survival-of-the-fittest in this addictive strategy game.Canopy is a turn-based game played on a hexagonal grid. Players start by placing their ... ($1.99)By World Without Walls via

14) Canopy Link Checker

Canopy Link Checker triple canopy
This app is intended for use by wireless professionals using Motorola Canopy Wireless Internet equipment. This application enables the user to determine the link quality of the SM (Subscriber Module) to the AP (Access Point) using 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.7GHz and 900MHz frequencies.The intent of this application is to determine the quality of your link, easily check the status of your link anywhere inside your office (depending on your wireless range coverage).INSTRUCTIONS:To use this Motorola Canopy link checker application, please follow the instructions below.WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY If you have a wireless router tied in to your existing Motorola Canopy network.Enable ... (Free)By Capitol Network Communications Inc. via

15) Canopy Camera Tools

Canopy Camera Tools triple canopy
The Canopy Camera Tools App adds additional functionality and a set of tools for the iPhone camera.Set separate focus and exposure points, use a time-delayed capture to get everyone in the photo, and create stunning time-lapse videos with ease.While it adds great features by itself, Canopy Camera Tools is designed to work BEST with the Made for iPhone approved Jumba and Kapok sleeves from Canopy.The Jumba sleeve, for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, has two built-in tripod mounts so you can lock your iPhone down to any standard tripod. Its perfect for taking great family photos, creating time-lapse ... (Free)By Canopy via

16) CanopyApp

CanopyApp triple canopy
Analyze the forest`s canopy with ease using technology you use every day -- your phone Using your phone`s gyroscope, each picture taken will be level with the ground and ensure accurate readings. You select the leaf colors with simple touches, so canopy data can be taken in any climate, any season If you`re looking for a densiometer or canopy analysis tool, this is a fantastic app for you (Free)By University of New Hampshire via

17) Skydiving Wing Load

Skydiving Wing Load triple canopy
This tool helps you calculate your wing load (based on your weight, gear`s weight and on canopy`s size) and shows a table for comparing wing load on different wing sizes.Weight in metric or imperial unitsLive update when changing any parameterChanging weight -> updates loadingChanging canopy size -> updates loadingChanging loading -> updates canopy sizeClear table for quick wing loading comparsion (Free)By Evgeny Aleksandrov via

18) Wingload

Wingload triple canopy
Calculates your parachute`s wing load, which depends on your weight, your clothes` weight, your system`s weight and on your canopy`s size.Today many skydivers get hurt not by a malfunctioning parachute but by a hard landing. This little application will help you to calculate your wing load and gives you a little help choosing the right canopy. ($0.99)By Heinrich Schnermann via

19) Sureglaze - Triple Glazing

Sureglaze - Triple Glazing triple canopy
Sureglaze UK are a national installer and manufacturer of triple glazing. Sureglaze offer various types of triple glazed windows, triple glazed doors and triple glazed conservatories.Make your home more energy efficient and more sound proof with Triple GlazingFor further information or for a free quote download the Sureglaze App, visit the Sureglaze website or call us on freephone 08000 699 725.- Triple Glazed Windows- Triple Glazed Doors- Triple Glazed Conservatories- Triple Glazed French Doors- Get a Quote (Free)By Devon Jackson via

20) Skydive Wingload Calculator

Skydive Wingload Calculator triple canopy
Calculates your Canopy Wingload and provides visual indicators of safe Canopy Downsizing ranges on a slider based user interface.Features:Adjust Total Weight => Updates Wingload & Downsizing indicatorsAdjust Canopy Size => Updates WingloadAdjust Jumps => Updates Downsizing indicatorsAdjust Wingload => Updates Canopy SizeMetric & ImperialPortrait & Landscape supportLinks to further downsizing informationLinks to Parachutist game & Skydive Altimeter appFacebook/Twitter/Email/Sina integration sharingDISCLAIMER: Informational app only Skydiving is an extreme sport with many factors involved. Any decision should only be undertaken after discussion/recommendations from a qualified skydiving instructor who understands your experience. ($0.99)By Mixed Up via




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