20 Best Spanish Accents iOS Apps

1) Accents!

Accents! spanish accents
Accents The Party Game is the app version of the hilarious card game created by Simple Alien, Inc.Accents is a game for 4 or more people.In Accents you try to guess the accent your team member is using. If you guess right, your team gets a point.The team with the most points at the end of three rounds winsIt`s a simple and fun game that will get the party started (Free)By Nicholas Panagopulos via

2) Accents

Accents spanish accents
Try to identify Accents from around the world In version 1, try telling the difference between British and Australian; new content will be added as it becomes available.Interested in being a voice actor? Tap "Upgrades" and "Apply to be a Voice" to become the voice of a regionRetina graphics included. (Free)By Guy Cirino via

3) abcdFRA accents

abcdFRA accents spanish accents
Anagrammeur accents offre ses utilisateurs un nouveau moteur pour la recherche de mots pour les assister dans la conqute de leur jeu.Anagrammeur accents utilise 400.000 mots ainsi que les accents franais et permet de :- chercher des mots jusqu` une longueur maximum de 14 lettres- trouver jusqu` 50 mots par recherche- Afficher leur dfinition (si elle existe)- consulter leur pointage pour des jeux de mots ($0.99)By MyWoom Solutions via

4) SMS Accents

SMS Accents spanish accents
SMS Accents converts all non standard characters you wrote in SMS into standard one to use all 160 characters, not only 70.Check the video: http://www.zgibek.com/smsaccents/video.htmlKey features:You can write your message using all auto-enhance features, the standardization is made just before sending.It removes accents in the background. And does it only if necessary (for example there is no such need in very short messages).NEW: now you can set the option to use the GSM standard all the timeUse the auto-enhance and other correction functions IF you want and WHEN you want. You can turn ON and ... (Free)By ZBIGNIEW OGLEDZKI via

5) Suspense Accents

Suspense Accents spanish accents
This app was inspired by the BONANZA podcast, the spiritual successor of Bionic. In Episode 2, Matt talked about an iOS keyboard that would allow you to send the Suspense Accents to other people.Matt was already kind enough to give us a great example:Myke: "How would that work?"Matt: "Like someone is texting "I'm pregnant" and you reply with Suspense Accent 5"Both: LaughingPlease note: There are some limitations in the iOS Keyboard Extension System1. This keyboard can't put the sound files directly into a textfield. Therefore, the clips are copied to the clipboard, and you have to paste them into the ... (Free)By Lukas Kollmer via

6) American Accents

American Accents spanish accents
Accents from across the US of A. For actors, impressionists or anyone who just wants to recognize where someone is from by their voiceFeaturing sample accents from major locations across the United States of America... including various towns and cities from the deep south, the west coast, east cost and everywhere in betweenFort Worth, Texas; Fresno, California; Hillsboro, Oregon; Huron, South Dakota; Miami, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Palmer, Alaska; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Riverside, California; Seattle, Washington; Washington, District of Colombia; West Jordan, Utah; Wichita, Kansas; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Elmore, Alabama; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Brooklyn, New York and moreSoundboard with ... (Free)By Stroika via

7) Animal Accents

Animal Accents spanish accents
These black and white animals have all lost their fur and feathers. They need your help to get back to normal. Move the little magnetic shavings around the screen and have fun trying to make these animals look normal again. Included are 10 different animals: penguin, panda, zebra, dalmatian, skunk, snowy owl, colobus monkey, magpie, a marbled salamander who wishes he had fur, and a cormorant.You can also select your own photo and try it out on yourself. In addition you can play on a blank background for real free-form ideas you might have. Once you are done you can ... ($0.99)By Robert Soliday via

8) Rhythmic Accents

Rhythmic Accents spanish accents
Rhythmic Accents are a set of developmental exercises that will help improve control, dexterity, power and speed with hand and also feet.Use the slider regions along the sides to change the various wheels to change the exercises. ($0.99)By Atlas Programming via

9) American Accents

American Accents spanish accents
[American Accents]Wanna learn American Voice?Wanna improve American Vowels, Consonants or English Pronunciation?Wanna learn more American Accent?You have come to the right place.This application provide you the collection of lessons related to American Accents, American Pronunciation[Contents]American Pronunciation- Vowels- Consonants- General American Pronunciation- American Pronunciation- American Accent Tips- American Accent TrainingAmerican Spoken English- English in the news- Spoken American English- Speaking & Conversation- Conversation- People in America- VOA Reports (Free)By Dien Le via

10) Australian Accents Relaxation

Australian Accents Relaxation spanish accents
Australian Accents by Sheryl Egan-Olaivar offers relaxation seminars, and relaxation briefs. her focus is in Children's Relaxation, Teen Relaxation techniques and adult relaxation on the Gulf Coast. With free soundtracksSheryl offers one on one online consultations when not doing seminars in schools and corporate workshops, working closely with officials and the private sector teaching relaxation as a way of living. The new wave of teaching and learning without having to discipline through simple principles.Australian Accents is your source for quality relaxation recordings covering a multitude of topics to promote happiness, health and success.Sheryl Egan-Olaivar has over 20 years experience as ... (Free)By Jay Smith via

11) Accents Salon Spa

Accents Salon Spa spanish accents
Aveda, The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, was founded in 1978 with the goal of providing beauty industry professionals with high performance, botanically based products that would be better for service providers and their guests, as well as for the planet.Accents Salon Spa is proud to be an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Bentonville, Arkansas. Browse our site for more information on the Spa and Salon services we provide as well as our contact information and news updates. We are happy you stopped by and we hope to hear from you soonPowerful Nature Aveda Spa: "Voted best ... (Free)By Mike Sheff via

12) Accents Personal Chef Services

Accents Personal Chef Services spanish accents
Accents Personal Chef Services has provided in-home elegant dining along with family and individual weekly meal services tailored to each individuals specific tastes since 2006. Now its even easier to have your style of dining brought straight to your door.This interactive app allows you to submit your choices of desired meals for the upcoming week, or book a gourmet dining experience and have Chef John Strand personally come to your home and create exquisite meals, served course by course to you and your guests.Whether you are a weekly client, someone who needs of a few days worth of dinner meals ... (Free)By Sugar Free Apps via

13) spanish flash cards - preschool spanish,learn spanish quick,speak spanish

spanish flash cards - preschool spanish,learn spanish quick,speak spanish spanish accents
This is application for preschool learning spanish language.Sound and picture to play by button follow by spanish vocabulary. (Free)By Thongdee Kornsuuwarn via

14) Listen to VOA Spanish in Spain and Mexico accents

Listen to VOA Spanish in Spain and Mexico accents spanish accents
By using VOA Spanish contents, this app will speak the Spanish sentences in Spain and Mexico accents.Each word to be spoken is highlighted, so that you can see which word is spoken and how it can be spoken correctly.From VOA Spanish website, you can download podcast voice data. But in most cases, partially the voice data and text data doesn`t match, which will make you confused. Also, there are a lot of articles that don`t have voice data.The development team consists of bilingual developers. Actually, those developers are using this app for their language training every day.Features)1.You can do listening ... (Free)By Takashi Komatsubara via

15) Spanish Conversation Courses

Spanish Conversation Courses spanish accents
Learn Spanish.Hundreds of courses (videos) with many subjects:- Spanish Basics - Fun for All- Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Video Vocabulary- Learn Basic Spanish - Spanish in Three Minutes- Spanish Listening Practice- Weekly Mexican Spanish Words with Alex- Spanish Holidays- Spanish for travel- ... (Free)By CUONG DINH QUANG via

16) Forvo Spanish Pronunciation

Forvo Spanish Pronunciation spanish accents
Forvo Spanish Pronunciation gives you instant access to the Spanish words gathered in Forvo, the pronunciation guide.If you are learning Spanish or just for curiosity you can search for more than 50,000 different words pronounced in Spanish by native speakers.Accents from Spain, Argentina, Mexico and other Spanish speaking areas.Learn to pronounce names of famous people, places, brands and much more. ($0.99)By Forvo Media SL via

17) Spanish Courses: Learn Spanish by Videos

Spanish Courses: Learn Spanish by Videos spanish accents
Learn Spanish from beginner to expert.Hundreds of courses (videos) with many subjects:- Extr Spanish- Spanish Basics - Fun for All- Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Video Vocabulary- Learn Basic Spanish - Spanish in Three Minutes- Spanish Listening Practice- Weekly Mexican Spanish Words with Alex- Spanish Holidays- Spanish for travel- ...Lesson content is updated daily, to keep your practice fresh, relevant and exciting. (Free)By Khac Pham via

18) Learn Spanish: Spanish Lessons with Spanish SOLO. Speak Spanish now, start for free.

Learn Spanish: Spanish Lessons with Spanish SOLO. Speak Spanish now, start for free. spanish accents
Learn Spanish With an App Featured by Apple TWICE already in 2016 "Best Apps MARCH 2016" & "Best Apps APRIL 2016"Spanish SOLO is the ONLY complete, step-by-step Spanish course available for the iPad. No other app even comes close. Don't be fooled by apps that are a list of vocabulary words or a bunch of drills. You need a complete step-by-step digital course to learn Spanish.Practice speaking Spanish from the start with our advanced speech recognition engine. No frustration, no glitches, just you speaking Spanish and learning new conversation skills.Play through more than a dozen types of learning activities to ... (Free)By Distant Tribe LLC via

19) Offline English Spanish Dictionary

Offline English Spanish Dictionary spanish accents
Offline English Spanish Dictionary. More than 85.900 words. FREEEnglish-Spanish and Spanish-English DictionaryDiccionario Ingls-Espaol y Espaol-InglsMore than 85.900 wordsWorks offline No internet connection needed, perfect for your trips or when no data connection is availableBookmark your favorite translations for fast referenceListen to the correct pronunciation with several accents (requires internet connection)Voice to text system (requires internet connection)Copy the translations to the system clipboard for use in other appsInstant search ($2.99)By movin`App via

20) Spanish Spell and Read

Spanish Spell and Read spanish accents
Learn spelling, reading, writing and pronouncing your first 27 Spanish words. You learn:The Spanish letters27 wordsSelected letters with accentsUse of a Spanish keyboardEASY TO USEChoose a graphicListen to the word and look at the translation to EnglishStart writing. You get help - letter by letter.YOUR RESULTSIndicators show your results for each exerciseYou can delete your results at any timeAre only saved on the iPad you are using.CONTACTSee more on ecwrite.com and contact us there.We have similar apps for other languages. (Free)By Soren Kjaer Nielsen via




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