20 Best North Korea President iOS Apps

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1) North Korea TV

North Korea TV north korea president
North Korea Documentary Channel. Secret North Korea TV Documentary programs from international journalist and broadcaster Alun Hill.Key functionalityView video on mobile screen or TV screenBrowse the program guide while a video is playingEnjoy continuous video from personal and automatically created playlistsVideo-specific social networking via TwitterPlays on TV screens via Chromecast, Apple TV and the Xbox.Uses the ILOOK OTT platform (www.ilook.tv). (Free)By iLook Corporation via

2) North Korea Travel

North Korea Travel north korea president
Interested in North Korea? Planning a visit? Or maybe you want to know more about life in one of the world`s most unique countries? Then the North Korea Travel app is for you.Combining the most comprehensive guide to North Korea ever written with a unique tour building and price comparison function, this beautifully designed app shows you just how much of North Korea is open to foreigners.APP FUNCTIONALITYUp-to-date information and HD photos on over 350 different places of interest and accommodations across the breadth of North Korea: Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Museums, Nature Spots, Sports, Shops, and Cafes.Exclusive "Tour Guide ... ($0.99)By GuideCompare via

3) Inside North Korea

Inside North Korea north korea president
A photographic journal of 9 days inside North Korea. (Free)By Carrie Tedder via

4) Fotopedia North Korea

Fotopedia North Korea north korea president
Cross the border and explore the most secretive country on Earth.In the era of satellites, the Internet and worldwide news, it is still hard to even imagine what North Korea looks like. Thanks to Eric Lafforgues amazing photographic work and his unique blend of art and realism - you can now see it for yourself.This is the country with the fourth-largest army in the world, a ubiquitous cult of the personality for its Great and Dear Leaders, mass games (Arirang) with over 100,000 performers, amazingly empty large roads and a national airport offering only one international flight, on certain days.Eric ... (Free)By Fotonauts Inc. via

5) Radio North Korea Online

Radio North Korea Online north korea president
Fcil y rpido ya disponible Radio North Korea puedes disfrutar de las estaciones ms sintonizadas La aplicacin est diseada y con manejo simple, con buena fluidez para que escuches de tu emisora favorita.Listado de estacionesVoice of KoreanBig B Radio KPOPKpop DanceKorea FM 24/7 MusicKorea Blind RadioKBS World Radio Ch 2 (Free)By Florinda Tumax via

6) North Korea Emoji App

North Korea Emoji App north korea president
Finally - North Korea Emoji for your iPhoneText like a real North Korean Dictator with your friendsInstallation is easy - just download the app and follow instructions.More emoji to come in future updates Enjoy ($2.99)By Yes Man Enterprises, Inc via

7) North Korea World Travel

North Korea World Travel north korea president
Map with locate me function makes you free to moveBackground reading always accompanies you on your tripThis is a easy choice to have a virtual personal guide wherever you goFeatures:Travel information quick viewOffline mapLocate me indicatorEasy to read interfaceCover +1000 major cities in the worldOffline, full size map provides geographical understanding of your destination;The locate me indicator provides the location-based navigation, makes you never get lost even you are offline;General information about the destination: History, Geography, Climate, Architecture, Monuments and Landmarks, Culture, Economy, Demographics, Administration, Transportation;Travel tips on: how to get there, how to get around and local traffic, major ... ($0.99)By Feng via

8) No No North Korea!

No No North Korea! north korea president
Protect your country from a missile attack Avoid missiles and collect coins and bonus items. Use Game Center to see who can protect their country for the longest. Features:-Game Center leaderboard-Easy to use, one-touch controls-Mute button under pause menu-Unlock countries with higher stats (Free)By Ben Suratt via

9) Paradise in North Korea

Paradise in North Korea north korea president
NO TRAVEL? NO LIFEA travel app unlike any guidebook for only 85 Yen. Time to travel around the world. Explore the Worlds unexplored through a series of picture slideshows called, No Travel? No Life.The slideshows contain over 150 pictures with subtitles explaining the countries notable sceneries, culture and history.Once through with the slideshow, you should be familiar with the countrys scenery and the facts.Recommended to people:Who want to travel, but rarely have the time.Who have interests in the cultures and scenery of foreign countries.Who are stressed and want to escape from the real world.Who want to ... ($0.99)By globalapplication Inc. via

10) Travel to Korea North

Travel to Korea North north korea president
Detailed information about Korea North. Pictures, videos, description and news. ($1.99)By Zoltan Krasznai via

11) Banknote Catalog North Korea 2012

Banknote Catalog North Korea 2012 north korea president
The `Banknote Catalog North Korea 2012` describes all circulation, commemorative and specimen banknotes of North Korea since 1947, and notes that aren`t listed in Pick. The catalog evaluated them in euros in the two degrees uncirculated and very fine. The catalog supports the languages English and German.- Picture and description of the front and back of the circulation, commemorative and specimen banknotes- Special cataloging of all variants of a main type- Picture of the front and back of the variant- Year of issue- Printery- Description of special features- Description of the watermark- Pictures of all watermarks in a table ($9.99)By Andreas Tschuertz via

12) North Korea Detailed Offline Map

North Korea Detailed Offline Map north korea president
Mad Map offers you North Korea detailed offline map - your reliable and easy-to-use global travel companion. Find directions with detailed offline maps. Easily portable and compact travel assistant that allows planning your trips to foreign countries and cities. Turns your smartphone or tablet into a digital guide and planner leading you through YOUR choices of restaurants, hotels and which attractions to visit. Always keep your orientation and find the direction to the next place; completely without roaming and offline.With Mad Map North Korea offline map you enjoy a wide variety of advantages:- DETAILED MAPSNever get lost and keep your ... (2.990)By Siarhei Zaturanau via

13) North Korea: Business Traveler`s Passport

North Korea: Business Traveler`s Passport north korea president
[Sale: 50% off until Friday, October 8 If you`re on the fence, do pick it up sooner rather than later--or drop us a note, we`re happy to answer questions.]So you`re about to head to North Korea for a few days of meetings. But you realize: you have no idea what North Korea is like.Sure, you know where you`re staying. But what`s North Korea really like for doing business?More practically:- How should you greet your business partners?- If you`re invited to someone`s house, what sort of gift should you bring, if at all?- Are there any special considerations for female travelers?- ... ($4.99)By Ridiculous Software, Inc. via

14) North Korea Offline Map : For Travel

North Korea Offline Map : For Travel north korea president
North Korea Offline Map is a premium, very easy to use and fast mobile application with search capabilities.EasyNavigation Co. has developed the North Korea Offline Map app to provide you with the best offline vector map solution.OFFLINE MAPS:Fully offline vector map with incredible zoom levelDetailed and informative because it is based on OpenStreetMap data.Maps are stored on your phone or tablet, so no internet connection required while using this appGPS location feature.Searchable maps - find any pub, hotel, sight, shop, etc. easily.Showing touristic places.BOOKMARKS ON THE MAP:Mark your favorite places on your maps and set points of interest for your ... ($3.99)By Evgeny Zaturanov via

15) US President Quiz

US President Quiz north korea president
US President Quiz contains more than 120 question related all old President.-US President Terms-US President Number-US President`s Nick Name-The event or war time President.App have large question and answers related us president.Enjoy It...It`s Totally Free (Free)By GAURANG CHHATBAR via

16) Korea Tennis

Korea Tennis north korea president
Table Tennis on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with funny graphics and stereo sounds.The Players you can select are the PresidentofSouth KoreaLee Myung-bakandtheleaderof theDemocratic People`s Republic of North KoreaKim Jong-il.Enjoy it+++ Another great app made by das comitee in Germany. +++ ($0.99)By das comitee via


STAYSKOREA north korea president

18) South Korea and North Korea - Offline Map & GPS Navigator

South Korea and North Korea - Offline Map & GPS Navigator north korea president
Download the complete map of both South Korea and North Korea for offline use with NO INTERNET CONNECTION or NO CELL NETWORK.SAVE ROAMING FEES while abroad SAVE TIME while checking your location SAVE LIFE if you are lost in the wild without networkFeatures:- TRIP COMPUTER: speed, altitude, GPS coordinate, heading and tracking- Advanced SEARCH- PINS for favourite places- Support portrait and landscape orientation- Full support for iPhone (with retina display)- Full support for iPad (with retina display)The max zoom level for offline mode for Korea is 1600ft/100pt (500m/100pt) and more detailed zoom for major cities as you can see on ... ($1.99)By Vasilijs Nikitins via

19) K-Books

K-Books north korea president
Welcome to KoreaK-Books is an ebook application launched by the Korea Tourism Organization, which provides various tourist publications by KTO. It includes the Korea Tourist Map, the Korea Travel Guide, and other publications on industry tourism, shopping, winter in Korea, unique accommodations, themed tours, and more. If you are planning a trip to Korea, or if youre actually in Korea right now, KTO Books can help you make your trip more productive and more fun. (Free)By Korea Tourism Organization via

20) Selling My Daughter for 100 won

Selling My Daughter for 100 won north korea president
Since the latter half of the 1990s, just a little over the 10 years ago, as the world was welcoming in the age of internet, the unprecedented number of starvation deaths in North Korea was reported.Three million people, more than 15% of the population. Could this be true?The author graduated from the top university in North Korea .His poems appeared in the labor,s newspaper. However,when he came to realize that Kim Jong-il was enjoying the various pleasures of the world ,while spreading his frightening tyranny in such a poor country, his homeland,under the pretext of Communism, he decided to flee ... (Free)By BANSEISHA CO LTD via




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