20 Best Chevrolet Trax iOS Apps

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TRAX chevrolet trax
Trax was invented in New Zealand by David Smith in 1980 and is a classic game of pure strategy that has been enjoyed for many years by many people in many countries.The OBJECT of the game is to place tiles on any flat surface so as to be first to form track of your color into either(a) a closed LOOP of any size or(b) a continuous LINE of any length that joins outermost edges of the tiles in play.Learning Trax is very easy, you can have the hang of it in 5 minutes. Depending on your play, you can make ... ($1.99)By Mudra Games via


TRAX chevrolet trax
TRAX is an iOS iPad App that makes running live backing tracks RADPerfect for live bands and church environments as well as music lessons and practise sessions.It`s so simple, even a drummer could use it ($11.99)By Marc Castles via

3) Trax!

Trax! chevrolet trax
Trax is a small tool, intended for professional pilots.It has been designed to give a helping hand for every day usage patterns, such as writing log books, summung up duty / flight times, log times, checking for legal status (flight time, rest time, etc) based on EU OPS 1, Subpart Q regulations.It also can support in providing some useful information, such as conversion calculations:Maybe you remember situations, where you exactly calculated the amout of fuel you need, say, in kilogram or pound. And when everything was done, the refuelling staff wanted to know the amount in - ahem -liters?Trax can ... (Free)By Coding Flight Crew via

4) Trax FM

Trax FM chevrolet trax
This application lets you listen to Trax FM on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.Find out what songs we`ve been playing and download them using iTunes. Interact with us on facebook, see our latest tweets plus much more.Please note that while this application is open and streaming our broadcast, it is constantly downloading data and this can accumulate quickly. You should first ensure that you have a data plan with your operator which allows for this type of use. (Free)By Lincs FM Group via

5) Trax Auto

Trax Auto chevrolet trax
The Official Trax Auto Wholesale App (Free)By Bluedoorway, LLC via

6) Trax UK

Trax UK chevrolet trax
Trax UK - The Interactive 3D Experience for Track Drivers and Motorsport EnthusiastsNow brought to you in conjunction with TrackDriver Magazine.NOTE - THIS IS NOT A GAME BUT SERIOUS FUN FOR TRACK DRIVERS, MOTORSPORT AND CAR ENTHUSIASTSHear a race driver talk you round a lap of UK circuitsWatch a professional drive the UK`s race circuits in interactive 3DCompare yourself, colleagues, professionals or adversaries by joining TRAX CLUBAnalyse laps in 3D from a viewpoint that compliments videoFind up-coming track eventsNOTE - THIS APP IS NOT ITSELF A LAP TIMING OR LOGGING APPUsing TrackDriver`s detailed knowledge of ... ($20.99)By appAzard via

7) Med Trax

Med Trax chevrolet trax
Med Trax is a family medication tracker that enables you to track the medication Name, Dosage, Frequency, and Doctor for up to nine family members.You can also enter Dr. appointments and schedule reminders from five minutes to a week prior to your appointment in Med Trax.All your medication information conveniently at your figure tips on either your iPhone or iPad. (Free)By Appsoniac via

8) Run Trax

Run Trax chevrolet trax
Trace, track, time and map your next run using your phone`s built in location service. Automatically track speed, path and time splits for each kilometer or mile of your run. After each run you can view an animated map retracing your route and showing instantaneous speeds along the entire path of the run.The application will store all data so you can view old runs, and can see a map showing all of the locations you have run over time.This is a simple application that can be used by runners, joggers, walkers, cross country teams, marathoners, or even cross country skiers. ... (Free)By Lazy Dog Utilities via

9) Race Trax

Race Trax chevrolet trax
Trace, track, time and map your next race automatically with this application. This application can be used for Kart racers or by anyone who takes their car or motorcycle out to the track. It will also work for track runners, bicyclists and horse racers.This application will time each lap, track statistics and draw an animated map showing your course and speed on top of satellite imagery of the track.After each race, you can get an animated replay of every lap and turn you took during the race. You can see speed change as you race the course.Keep history of every ... ($0.99)By Lazy Dog Utilities via


TRAX SHAKE chevrolet trax
TRAX SHAKE takes you to a new experience of enjoying musicDownload now and get LIMITED TIME OFFER-----------------------------------Tap & Shake to the musicTRAX SHAKE offers traditional TAP style of gameplay as well as a new SHAKE-WHEEL mode, using a seamless-gesture technology developed by dooub. The SHAKE-WHEEL mode will make you feel like a DJ scratching the turntableIntroducing Card Deck SystemTRAX SHAKE rewards you cards when you complete a game. These cards can be collected, which include unreleased pictures of TRAX, or they can be used in game like an item and receive higher scoresMake your own notesTRAX SHAKE will allow you ... (Free)By dooub inc. via

11) Bike Trax

Bike Trax chevrolet trax
Trace, track, time and map your next bike ride using your phone`s built in location service. Automatically track speed, route, elevation changes and time splits by kilometer or mile. Replay each ride using the animated map option in order to display instantaneous speed and elevation changes along the entire path of the ride.The application will store all data so you can view old rides, and can see a map showing all of the locations you have ridden over time. It will also keep historical statistics so you can track total ride distance by year and month.This is a simple application ... (Free)By Lazy Dog Utilities via

12) Trax FM

Trax FM chevrolet trax
Download the official 101.4 TraxFm Jakarta iPhone app and you will always be in touch with your favorite radio station from wherever you are.While listening to 101.4 TraxFm on your iPhone, you will also be able to access other information of the various shows on the station as well as the latest updates on the station`s events and promotions. With this application, you can also listen to the station`s podcast and even take part in the station`s on-going quiz, contact the station and share what you are doing.Content Features include :Player with full station interactivityAccess to station`s FB fan page ... (Free)By RADIOactive Pte Ltd via

13) Maps n Trax

Maps n Trax chevrolet trax
Maps n Trax is an offline map viewer and track recorder for iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. Its primary distinguishing feature is that it can import and display maps sourced from common image file types such as PNG or JPEG and can utilise calibration information within some georeferenced image formats such as GeoTIFF and (some older formats of) .ozf2/.ozfx3/.map file pairs. Therefore it is ideal for use with your own topographic or specialised maps scanned from paper or sourced from your local mapping authority. Maps n Trax can also apply navigation features to your own maps, including current location, ... ($1.99)By NIXANZ via


DANCE STUDIO TRAX chevrolet trax

15) TRAX / Oh! My Goddess

TRAX / Oh! My Goddess chevrolet trax
Following the release of TRAXs 2nd mini album `Oh My Goddess`, We present the official iPhone album application.Enjoy newly released songs, latest music video of `Oh My Goddess` and image gallery in high quality.Features:- Enjoy full length music video of `Oh My Goddess`.- Full tracks of `Oh My Goddess`.- Image gallery and Clock.- iOS4 / iPhone 4 Support-Attention:- Audio tracks are only available in this application.- You have to purchase single track / full package in order to fully enjoy contents of application.- Full package offers full tracks including music video of `Oh My Goddess` and 14 Extra Gallery Images. (Free)By NEOWIZ Internet Corporation, Ltd. via

16) SecureTRAX

SecureTRAX chevrolet trax
SecureTRAX is an iOS application designed to work in conjunction with In3 Inc.`s "TRAX" web-based applications, including PatientTRAX.com and AlertTRAX.com. TRAX system administrators can configure their messaging accounts to send secure, encrypted messages to SecureTRAX users.In order to use SecureTRAX you must have a user ID and password provided by a TRAX system administrator. (Free)By TouchMedMobile via

17) Motion Trax

Motion Trax chevrolet trax
Motion Trax allows you to access the motion tracking of the iPhone 5S. Motion Trax is an extremely simple pedometer app that lets you see how many steps you walked today and yesterday. Motion Trax also lets you set a step goal and shows it to you so you can keep your target in mind.Note this app requires a device with an M7 motion co-processor (iPhone 5S). (Free)By Firebat Technologies via

18) Dune Buggy Trax Racing

Dune Buggy Trax Racing chevrolet trax
Get ready for Dune Buggy Trax Racing action; this time with head-to-head play, Dune Buggy Trax is ready for any challenge.Jump In your supercharged Dune Buggy Trax and take a wild ride through twisting offroad terrains. Skill, stunts, and speed will be your best allies.Tear past the competition while expressing yourself with a variety of wild offroads. ($0.99)By Top Free 3D Car / Bike Racing and Shooting Game / Games via

19) UTA Rider

UTA Rider chevrolet trax
Find the location of every UTA Trax train, and their closest locations to youVersion 0.1:- Displays trax trains for all 3 lines in the Salt Lake area at their current location- Displays all trax stations for all 3 lines in the exact location- All trax stations display their name and the number ofparking available at each stationNote: This application only works with Trains of the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) (Free)By Eduardo Flores via

20) App for Chevrolet Cars - Chevrolet Warning Lights & Road Assistance - Car Locator

App for Chevrolet Cars - Chevrolet Warning Lights & Road Assistance - Car Locator chevrolet trax
Complete list of Chevrolet warning lights and problems. If you drive Chevrolet you should have this app on your iPhone.This app helps you identify problem with your car, how serious it is.It contains over 465 warnings and indicators lights, their description and advice on how to deal with almost any issue if warning light illuminate.Included: Car Locator, helps find your parked car easier, as well has emergency Roadside Assistance phone numbers: Canada, US, UK and Europe.The Chevrolet app indicates whether you can safely continue to drive, or are required to seek immediate assistance. It tells you the most important piece ... ($1.99)By Eario Inc. via




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