20 Best Apple Iphone iOS Apps

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1) Apple Match for iPhone

Apple Match for iPhone apple iphone
APPLE MATCH is a Mind teasing Puzzle Game to rattle your brain for all ages. Feel the new puzzle designed to clear each level. This game will take your Analytical thinking to a new level. Each level is as fresh as a new one every time you play this game. The Challenges get more Complex and difficult as you go to a Higher level. To avoid getting trapped, Ensure no ODD numbered box remains or else you have to retry the same level.Features:25 Exciting and Challenging Levels comprising `Easy, `Medium`, `Difficult` and `Extreme` to tickle your neurons.Challenge your ... ($4.99)By FaceGroom via

2) Apple Estates for iPhone

Apple Estates for iPhone apple iphone
Apple Estates is a new and exciting way for everybody to deal with the property market. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced seller, Apple Estates is guaranteed to provide you with a new experience that you shall not forget. With an honest approach using the latest technology and good old fashioned values, we believe that this is the most important guide in enabling us to provide you with a very satisfying and happy move.Of course we understand all of the stress that goes with moving, this is why we will help provide you with the complete ... (Free)By www.appleestates.net via

3) Apple News for iPhone

Apple News for iPhone apple iphone
Apple News for iPhone will keep you up to date on everything Apple Know the latest dirt, or get informed on the newest iPod Apple News is also linked into MacRumor's forum, which contains more than 10,000,000 posts ($0.99)By Bug Spray via

4) Get The Apple for iPhone

Get The Apple for iPhone apple iphone
Get the apple is a game where you have to o as the title says, get the apple Try to tap the apple for points. The higher your score, the faster the apple, and the apple`s movements are hard to predict With two game modes to choose from, there is an endless amount of fun, frustration, and apple getting ($0.99)By Susan Schall via

5) Apple Creek Bank Mobile for iPhone

Apple Creek Bank Mobile for iPhone apple iphone
Start banking wherever you are with Apple Creek Bank Mobile for iPhone Available to all Apple Creek Bank online banking customers Apple Creek Bank Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, and find locations.Available features include:Accounts- Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions by date, amount, or check number.Transfers- Easily transfer cash between your accounts.Locations- Find nearby Branches and ATMs using the iPhones built-in GPS. Additionally, you can search by zip code or address. (Free)By The Apple Creek Banking Co Inc. via

6) Blackjack for Apple Watch and iPhone

Blackjack for Apple Watch and iPhone apple iphone
Play Blackjack on your Apple Watch Unlimited re-buys and no in-app purchases. Get this app ($0.99)By Paul Dinda via

7) Pedometer for iPhone and Apple Watch

Pedometer for iPhone and Apple Watch apple iphone
Pedometer is the simplest way to see step data. Use the app to see if you can meet your daily walking goal. -Apple Watch App + Glance-Widget-Game Center Leaderboards-Integrated with the Health app-Today view extensions for quick access-View week summaries at a glance-Examine each day's step count-See your distance traveledPedometer reads data only from Apple Health app. No data is being sent outside of your device. HealthKit access required. If the app doesn't work you have to wait approximately 4-7 days to let the app collect necessary data about the steps. (0.990)By Damian Plak via

8) GST Calculator for iPhone and Apple Watch

GST Calculator for iPhone and Apple Watch apple iphone
Are you a business owner who needs to know how much GST to charge? Or possibly how much you're going to get back from an expense? Look no further than this handy tool which allows you to calculate GST anytime, anywhere, from your iPhone or Apple Watch.Please use as a guide only. While the calculations are accurate, your tax obligations may be non-linear and vary in unexpected ways. (Free)By Zachary Simone via

9) Currency for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Currency for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apple iphone
Real-time currency exchange rates is only one tap away with Currency App.FeaturesA single tap on a row of currency list to swap base currency.Full iOS device support including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.Auto rates update.Support landscape mode.Currency ratesU.S. dollar, European Euro, U.K. pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, South Korean won, Singapore dollar, Russian rouble, Israeli new shekel, Swiss franc, U.A.E. dirham, Argentine peso, Brazilian real, Chilean peso, Colombian peso, Czech Republic koruna, Danish krone, Hungarian forint, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Icelandic krona, Jamaican dollar, Sri Lanka rupee, Moroccan dirham, ... (Free)By Xin Zhou via

10) Power 2 for iPhone and Apple Watch

Power 2 for iPhone and Apple Watch apple iphone
Power 2 enables you to quickly see your iPhone battery life and more from your Apple Watch just by raising your wrist.ComplicationAdd Power 2's complication to your favourite watch face so you can quickly see your iPhone battery life. Power 2's complication also knows when your phone is in low power mode, charging or fully charged. Its that smart, fast and simple.NotificationsPower 2 will notify you when your iPhone battery is running low and/or is fully charged, even if your iPhone is charging in the other room.Time TravelHave to run out but forgot to charge your iPhone so now you ... (1.990)By Thientam Bach via

11) Best Calculator for Apple Watch and iPhone Free

Best Calculator for Apple Watch and iPhone Free apple iphone
Best Calculator is a new app designed for the Apple Watch and iPhone. It sports a simple translucent design with a wall paper. It is also design for you to do simple calculations on your Apple Watch. (Free)By Appquests via

12) Spendio - Spending Tracker for iPhone & Apple Watch

Spendio - Spending Tracker for iPhone & Apple Watch apple iphone
Spendio is a simple way to track and manage your money. This is the first app that let you track your money on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Never miss any expense or income by input the data right from your wrist. The data will be synced back and forth to your iPhone, no need to bring it out from your pocketNow, You can add input using your voice via Apple Watch Spendio understands what you say. Just tell what`s your spending and amount, for example, "Pay 399 dollars for Apple Watch", "Receive salary for 10,000" or "14 dollars for ... (Free)By Muze via

13) Atmos - Weather for your iPhone and Apple Watch

Atmos - Weather for your iPhone and Apple Watch apple iphone
Atmos is an easy to use and stunningly beautiful weather app for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Atmos has been carefully crafted to bring the most vital weather data to you in the most user friendly way possible so you can get what you need and get on with your day.Atmos allows you to dig deep into the weather forecast when you need to, but always remains easy to use. The app has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that Atmos can bring you as much information as possible, without overwhelming you in the process.The end result is that you can ... ($2.99)By Enormego, LLC via

14) tCount - Day Counter for iPhone and Apple Watch

tCount - Day Counter for iPhone and Apple Watch apple iphone
tCount, count the days, count the hours tCount is a simple and minimalistic solution for tracking the days and hours to your next big event, maybe that trip of a lifetime? the big day? or perhaps counting the days to your new arrival?Now includes support for Apple Watch including glance view and Apple Watch app to swipe through your next 5 events.tCount has the following features :- Track all your big events in one app- Simple and minimalist interface- Local notifications can alert you when the big moment arrives, just like a calendar event.- Apple Watch support including glance view- ... (Free)By Darren Maxwell via

15) Dictationary - Voice enabled dictionary for iPhone and Apple Watch

Dictationary - Voice enabled dictionary for iPhone and Apple Watch apple iphone
DICTATIONARY is a voice-enabled dictionary for your iPhone and Apple Watch.Simply speak or use the built-in keyboard to search over 200,000 English words and expressions (more dictionaries coming soon)Use dictation on your Apple Watch to search any term in seconds, DICTATIONARY is the perfect app for everyday use. (Free)By VICTOR VERDU via

16) adidas Confirmed

adidas Confirmed apple iphone
adidas Confirmed adidas Confirmed adidas apptwitter app appApple iPhone 5Apple iPhone 5CApple iPhone 5SApple iPhone 6Apple iPhone 6 PlusApple iPhone 6SApple iPhone 6S PlusApple iPhone 7Apple iPhone 7 Plus ()By adidas AG via

17) Watch To Phone Audio Player

Watch To Phone Audio Player apple iphone
Record audio on your iPhone and play it back by tapping a button on your Apple Watch. From your Apple Watch you can control the volume of the sound being played from your iPhone, as well as stop or delete recorded audio. Watch To Phone Audio Player also comes with a list of fun sounds (such as the default iPhone ringtone, a siren, baby talking, an evil laugh, dinosaur or more) which you can make your iPhone play using the controls on your Apple Watch. If you don`t have an Apple Watch, you can still use the iPhone app by ... (Free)By Miles Haselgrove via

18) Battery Status for Apple Watch

Battery Status for Apple Watch apple iphone
Battery Status for Apple Watch is a useful app which can also be checked easily remaining battery time in Apple Watch arms without removing the iPhone.App Features:- The remaining amount of the iPhone battery it will appear in Apple Watch and iPhone.- I will tell you the connection status and battery level of iPhone in the Fragrance of Apple Watch.- Numeric value and easy-to-understand icon of the remaining battery capacity, can be displayed in the level meter.- Check immediately the remaining battery capacity from Glance.Apple Watch corresponding function of this app you can use in the iPhone 5 or later.Please ... ($0.99)By Yukihiro Okada via

19) Watch Bomb

Watch Bomb apple iphone
Detonate your iPhone using your Apple WatchThe explosive (iPhone) can be secretly deployed near your dozing friend and be detonated from your Apple Watch Or simple plant a timed bomb using your iPhoneLost your iPhone at home? Simply detonate it from your Apple Watch Youll hear the kaboom from somewhere.Record your own ticking/explosion sounds or download recordings of other users from our community databaseHow to detonate a bomb(Using Apple Watch)1. Run Watch Bomb on your Apple Watch2. Force-touching the watch screen will pop-up the detonation menu.3. It detonates after the time set on the Apple Watch.(Using iPhone)1. Run Watch ... (Free)By Seungwoo Lee via

20) Watch

Watch apple iphone
Use the Apple Watch app to pair and sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Customize your watch faces and app notifications, choose and arrange the apps in your Dock, select Photos and Music to sync, and more. Download new Apple Watch apps from the App Store.Features Pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone and sync Calendar, Contacts, Mail and other content from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Set up Apple Pay, and choose which third-party apps to install on your Apple Watch. Customize app notifications delivered to your Apple Watch, including alerts, sounds, and haptics for each app. ... (Free) via




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