IEBMaker version 1.22

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License / Price:
Shareware / 39.95 $
Category :
Utilities / Optimize Utilities
Requirements :
400 Mhz, 64 MB RAM, Internet Explorer 5
Publisher / Limitations:
Spanto Soft S.L. / 15 Days
Size / Last Updated:
1.48 MB / 2008-02-13
TAG: iebmaker, customers, company, button, small, ,
lets you,
Operating System:
Win98,  WinME,  Windows2000,  WinXP
Publisher's description - IEBMaker 1.22
12 Ratings  
  IEBMaker lets you customize and build an Internet Explorer bar tailored to your company's needs. The software generates a small executable file that you can distribute to your customers. With this executable, your customers can install or uninstall your IE bar onto their systems with ease. IEBMaker is the perfect advertisement tool for your company. It makes easy for your customers to access your on-line resources with just one click and it can also deliver your company's latest news directly to your customers' browser, keeping them up to date and interested. Your IE Bar will always be visible to your clients whenever they are browsing the web, helping your company maintain a better presence. The IE Bar will have no added advertisements and will be without any kind of spyware. Your IE bar does only what you want it to do. The design process is completed in six easy steps and the small size of the Internet Explorer bar that IEBMaker generates makes it easy to distribute it from your website or by e-mail. With IEBMaker your company logo will appear as a button that, when clicked, loads a predefined URL. Usually this URL will be your company?s site, also your customers will be able to perform searches within your company's website, or on search engines such as Google or Yahoo!. IEBMaker lets you define up to 8 option buttons, by clicking a button, it is possible to open option menus, execute applications installed on your user?s system, or open the default e-mail client to make easy for your customers to contact you. A small image can easily be assigned for each button. A tooltip can be defined for all the buttons, which is a floating description that appears when the mouse is hovers over a button. IEBMaker adds a browser inside your IE bar and lets you show news and real time information to your customers. It loads the contents at a predefined URL that you can change at any time.

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