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Speedo Autorun Maker

License / Price:
Freeware / $
Category :
Utilities / File Management
Requirements :
Publisher / Limitations:
Highdesert Software /
Size / Last Updated:
749KB / 2008-03-21
TAG: maker, autorun, speedo, ,
autorun maker, speedo autorun, speedo autorun maker, maker speedo autorun, autorun maker speedo,
Operating System:
Win95,  Win98,  Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003
Publisher's description - Speedo Autorun Maker
12 Ratings  
  Speedo Autorun Maker is a handy little utility that allows your cd's to run when inserted into the drive. Easy to use

graphical interface. Just fill in the blanks and click Generate. Freeware.

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